Flat Roofing

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Business owners have relied on the roofing professionals at DuraShield™ for many years to provide high quality and cost-effective roofing solutions for their commercial properties.

Requiring no special equipment for installation, flat roofs provide an attractive roofing option for business owner’s seeking a durable roof at an affordable price.


You can trust the roofing experts at DuraShield to install and maintain your flat roof, so you can worry about more important things – like running your business.


The five main types of flat roofs include:


Built-up roofs (BUR)

Rubber roofs

Single-ply roofs – most common are PVC, EPDM or TPO

Spray-on/Paint-on roofs

Modified Bitumen roofs

Benefits of a flat roof include:


Best value – due to ease of installation

Easy installation – due to their flat structure

Versatile – many options available

ENERGY STAR rated – improve insulation performance


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