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#1 mistake homeowners make after a hailstorm

Hailstorms may not seem like the worst type of natural disaster that can damage your home – but they are the most common. Hail can also cause a surprising amount of damage to your home including the roof, siding, windows, and gutters.

But most homeowners don’t even know they have damage until it’s too late!

Preventing costly repairs starts with a professional hail damage inspection. Yet most homeowners won’t do this because they don’t see any damage and think their home is ok. The only problem? Hail damage starts small and gets worse over time. That means big repair bills later.


How Hail Damages A Roof

Did you know hail can fall at speeds upwards of 50mph? When hailstones impact your roof, it can do some serious damage.

Hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness and can create a random pattern of dents or depressions. 

Why Get A Hail Damage Roof Inspection ASAP

Hail damage cannot be seen from the ground level of a home. Look at the image below to understand why.

The photo on the left was taken immediately after a hailstorm, and the camera was about 12-18 inches away from the hail impact. Unless you have magical superpowers, you can’t see that from the ground. 

The image on the right is what hail damage starts to look like years later. The protective granules have continued to wear off. Damage of this extent is much easier to see but usually means costly roof leaks are already happening.

Getting a roof inspection after a significant hailstorm may seem like a hassle, but it’s the only way to catch damage early and prevent costly repairs.


Who To Call For A Professional Hail Damage Inspection?

If your home has been hit with severe weather, our expert team is here to help!

Request a free hail damage inspection today!

These inspections are quick, painless and free if you choose us. We will be able to spot any potential damage before it leads to costly repairs. If you don’t have any roof damage, we’ll be able to provide a report detailing your roof’s condition which is good to have on file for your insurance company.

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