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Do My Condominium Association Fees Cover My Roof?

Living in a condo is not the same as living in a typical single-family home. Condo residents share the ownership of the building’s amenities with other occupants, which leaves the possibility for questions to come up about the roofing system.

So, what does this mean for the roof over my head? Local roofing and general contractor DuraShield is here to address your concerns about this topic.

Varies Due to Condominium Association Rules

Honestly, it depends. First, the burden of roof repairs may fall on multiple parties, meaning that your dues may not cover your roof issues. Find out for sure by reviewing the rules guiding the condominium association.

The covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) detail the responsibilities of both the owner and the association when it comes to property maintenance and repairs. People in high-rise condos dwelling under one single-roof structure don’t have as much roofing responsibility as those who live in detached-condos.

Roof Maintenance Paid By The Association

If the association is responsible for roof maintenance, budgeting for maintenance and replacement is done in advance. This amount typically dictates the fees you pay as an individual condo owner. Associations will likely have reserves to cover unexpected problems like a roof leak or other emergency repairs. When the funds are low, they may vote to raise monthly dues.

At DuraShield, we make sure the roofs of commercial properties are maintained with the utmost care. With a couple of simple preventive repairs, we can avoid small problems from becoming much larger issues that may decrease the longevity of a roof.

For condominium roof replacement and budget costs in Wisconsin and Illinois, the professionals at DuraShield will give you fair and trustworthy quotes and customer service that is a step above the rest. Call 1(855)-DuraShield or fill out our contact form to request a free quote.

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