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Discover Iconic Roofing Possibilities with Ludowici Clay Tile Roofing

Boost your curb appeal with a Ludowici clay tile roofing! Ludowici is the leading manufacturer when it comes to high-end, luxury roof tiles. For more than 130 years, architects, homeowners, universities and commercial building owners around the world have turned to Ludowici for its beautiful terra cotta clay tile roof products. These durable and high-quality roof tiles are manufactured in New Lexington, Ohio from locally sourced materials and come with a 75-year material warranty.

Knowing Ludowici is a trusted and reputable brand probably checks some of your boxes, but odds are you will want to know a bit more before you have their clay tiles installed on your roof. Let’s dive into the various styles and benefits of Ludowici roofing.

Ludowici shingle tile roof

Styles of Clay Roof Tiles

Choosing Ludowici for your tiles is an easy choice, but it can be difficult to compare the many varieties of tiles available. Discuss your options with the DuraShield team to learn more.

Here are some common categories of Ludowici roof tile to inspire you:

  • Barrel tiles – envision the classic architecture of Ancient Greece or the rustic missions of California
  • Interlocking roof tiles – classic aesthetics, versatility, and ease of installation
  • Shingle tiles – feel the charm of age-old European roofs
  • Slate roof tiles – the beauty of natural slate and the enhanced durability of terra cotta
  • Shake roof tiles – achieve the charm of a classic wood shake roof without the maintenance
  • Custom roof tiles – the range of custom roof tile is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer in the world
  • Graduated and tapered roof tiles – crafting roof tile to fit the curvature of a unique roof profile is a Ludowici specialty

Once you choose the design, it’s time to compare colors, textures and materials. Ludowici uses 50 designer colors and can personalize the look of your home with virtually unlimited custom tones. Warm, natural tones blend into the surroundings and give your home a rustic look, but bold, blue and green tones can be a refreshing look that helps your home stand out.

The surface texture can be altered during the manufacturing process and by adding a glaze mixture. Some tiles are polished smooth for a uniform look, while others retain a rough look for added character. The glaze mixture also affects the color and tone of your roof. If you have a unique roofline, the tiles can even be curved to match your profile.

Clay or terra cotta roof tiles are not just for homes either. They are excellent for roofs of condominium associations, office parks, schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, assisted living centers and more.

Ludowici Clay Tile Roofing

Advantages of Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have been used to cover important structures since the times of Ancient Greece. Create your own timeless structure with professionally installed terra cotta tile roofing. While all Ludowici clay products come with a 75-year material warranty, many can last 100 years or more.

They are environmentally friendly. Clay tiles are a fantastic green roofing option because they are made from earth minerals so they can be easily recycled once removed. They are not made of chemicals like petroleum-based roofing materials.

They are energy efficient. Clay tiles act as an insulator to help contain warm or cool air inside your home. These thermal properties are unique to clay, which is also better able to reflect heat off its surface than asphalt shingles.

They are durable. Clay roofs are impervious to fire and resist rot, insects and other pests. Terra cotta tile roofing can withstand extremes of heat and cold making it suitable for use in any climate. They also have superior impact resistance making clay roofs a good option for areas that experience hail or high winds.

They are a good value over time. Over their long lifespan, clay tiles can offset their initial expense. Due to a high thermal mass, these energy efficient tiles better regulate the temperature of your home, thereby helping you reduce heating and cooling bills. The durability and longevity of clay also means that you save money with reduced maintenance and by not replacing your roof multiple times over decades.

With the huge variety of design and color options and all the advantages of terra cotta clay tile roofs, this option is the perfect chose for any roof structure. You’ll make a statement in your community when you choose a Mediterranean, Spanish, or contemporary style roof in any of our many other clay tile colors and designs.

House with Ludowici Slate Tile Roof

The Best Way to Install Ludowici Clay Tile Roofing

DuraShield Contracting is one of only a few contractors in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois that has the knowledge and skill to install a Ludowici clay tile roof on your property or home. Contact us for a beautiful Ludowici tile roof installation. Trust our highly trained and experienced team to help you select the color, texture and roofing material to elevate the appearance of your forever home or commercial structure.

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