Everything You Need to Know About Roof Inspections in 2023

Wondering if you need a roof inspection?

Many homeowners have a negative connotation around roof inspections because there is an assumption that they need to buy a repair or replacement after. While every roofer will offer a variety of recommendations following an inspection, the main priority is to inspect the health of your roof and catch any damage in its tracks. 

If you are concerned about the health of your roof and want to prevent any costly repairs, getting a roof inspection is a great place to start. Now before you schedule an inspection, there are a few things you should know! Here is everything you need to know about getting a professional roof inspection.

When to Get a Roof Inspection

One of the most important times to get a roof inspection is following a severe storm, especially if there was decent sized hail. At a minimum, every homeowner should do a visual inspection after a storm has passed to check for any serious damage like missing shingles or fallen branches. If you find any signs of damage, you should call a local roofing company to inspect your roof and take care of any necessary repairs.

Another time to get a roof inspection is if you are buying a home and want to check on the condition of the roof. While this might sound excessive, it can save you thousands of dollars in the scenario where the inspection report comes back with clear signs of damage to shingles, flashing, or the overall structure. 

DuraShield contractor performing roof inspection

How Much Do Roof Inspections Cost

Roofing companies often times offer free inspections, especially after storms. If you are requesting a routine inspection, or possibly getting an inspection on a home you want to put an offer on, it is likely there will be a cost of $75 – $200 for the work.

Top Reasons to Get a Professional Roof Inspection

There are many reasons to get a roof inspection, but these are some of the most common we hear from homeowners.

Reason #1 – Unseen damage may already exist

It’s easy to notice if shingles are missing from your roof or if a leak has started to drip from your ceiling, however not all roof damage is this evident. In fact, a lot of roof damage can go unseen by the naked eye. Things like mold, rotting wood, and water damage could already be affecting your roof, and you don’t even know it! An untrained eye may not be able to notice this kind of damage, so it’s best to let professionals handle inspecting your roof.

damaged shingles from severe weather

Reason #2 – Warranty protection

Not all warranty policies are created equal, and this applies to roof warranties as well. Your roof’s warranty policy may not cover all of the possible damages your roof could face. That’s why having a professional assess the damage is crucial before filing a claim. Your inspector can determine if you should file for a claim or not. It is also important to note that many warranties require policyholders to have their roof inspected annually. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself with a voided warranty.

Reason #3 – Catching damage early on

Replacing an entire roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Wouldn’t it be better to catch small issues like leaks and structural issues when they first present themself, rather than handing over loads of cash to replace your damaged roof? Professionals recommend you routinely have your roof inspected to see if there are any warning signs of significant issues at hand. 

Reason #4 – Insurance Requirements

One of the most common reasons we get homeowners calling is because insurance requires their clients to get a roof inspection for any claims they file. This is a common procedure when requesting quotes for roof repairs or replacement

replacement following roof inspection

The Best Way to Extend the Life of Your Roof

If you are trying to extend the life of your roof, the best place to start is by getting an inspection! Not only will this notify you of any issues with your roof, but it will also help you gauge how much life is left and if there are any steps you can make to extend that life. 

So now you know why it’s vital to have a professional roof inspection! If you want to learn more about getting an inspection for your home, give the professionals here at DuraShield a call at 855-387-2744 or visit our contact page to set up a free estimate. We’re capable, experienced and ready to help you and your family!

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