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Slate Roof Benefits: Durability, Lifespan, & ROI

Slate roofs are fantastic for boosting curb appeal while adding value to your home.

There are many slate roof benefits besides their appearance. One of their most notable being their durability, which is why so many homeowners trust slate to protect their home for years to come! Let’s break down the other benefits slate roofing has to offer.

Protection From Mother Nature

Year-round weather can take a toll on many roofing materials. Heavy snowfall, sudden hail and blazing heat all wear away these exposed materials. Slate is a durable stone product that has very low water absorption ratings. This means that the typical freeze/thaw cycle of Midwest winters won’t cause expansion and breakage in slate like it does in asphalt or other materials.

Professionally installed slate roofing is also UV- and fire-resistant. These features make it a worthwhile alternative to asphalt shingles or cedar shake. You never have to worry about a fire being started on this rock surface, and the sturdy components won’t fade, chip, or crack like cedar or asphalt.

slate roof benefits

Iconic Materials

When clay or volcanic ash undergo a low-grade regional metamorphism, the result is slate. This homogeneous rock comes from a shale-type sedimentary rock that is naturally formed in the earth. Different quarries produce different colors, and manufacturing processes allow you to select from a diverse range of textures and dimensions.

Metal, cedar and asphalt are common roofing materials, but slate gives you an opportunity to truly stand out. The natural tones blend in perfectly with many siding colors and landscaping, so you don’t need to completely redesign your home to enjoy this quality material.

Long-Lasting Roofing

Slate roof tiles are built to last. In many cases, you can enjoy between 75 and 100 years of lifetime before you notice any damage. This is why many homeowners refer to it as a forever roof. Even if a few shingles are damaged, this product is easy for a licensed contractor with experience in slate roofs to repair.

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Personalized Products

Create a home that stands out. Whether nestled into a wooded glade or resting proudly along a street lined with other beautiful homes, your house deserves a beautiful, unique look. Slate is a natural stone product, which means that it comes in a wide range of color options. Not to mention Composite slate shingles from Davinci which offer even more colors and styles with an almost identical level of durability.

Discuss your exterior design goals with our team at DuraShield Contracting to find the ideal color for your property. We can tailor the tone to suit your needs, from a dark black to unique purple, green or red hues. Compare rough and smooth textures for even more personality.

Custom Residential Roof with Composite Slate Shingles
Image from: https://www.davinciroofscapes.com/

The Best Way to Handle Slate Roof Installation

If you are starting to think a slate roof might be the right choice for your home, the next step is to contact a trusted roofer experienced with slate roof installation. With a project as large as a slate roof, it is crucial to find a quality contractor you can trust to install your new roof correctly. While the material itself is premium, it will only perform if it is installed correctly.

If you happen to live in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, make sure to give us a call at DuraShield. Not only have we installed countless slate roofs, but our team is well trusted by the local community to get the job done right. Contact us today to schedule a slate roof installation service for your home.

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