Huge Hail in Wisconsin

The Dangers Of Ignoring a Hail Damaged Roof

In our great state of Wisconsin, we faced numerous severe thunderstorms and hail over the spring and summer. Unfortunately, hail damaged roofs can eventually leak and lead to a series of problems. Cities like Cedarburg, Jackson, and Grafton were especially hit with hail reported to be the size of baseballs.

[Click here to see some photos of the hail that fell in our communities.]

It is critical after a hail storm to schedule a roof inspection to assess any possible damage to your home. But what about if it’s been months since the last storm? Is it safe to assume that your roof wasn’t impacted?

The answer is no

After a bad storm, many homeowners are not aware of the hail damage on their roofs. One of the reasons for this is because it is hard to see damage from the ground. If your roof was impacted by hail damage and you waited too long for a professional roof inspection, then your house could be at risk for roof leaks… right now.

The impacts of hail on your roof

The truth is when hail hits your roof, the protective granules fall off your shingles and can create dents and holes in the matting of that shingle. Hard hail can even cause shingles to crack, which leads to exposed tears on your roof. In fact, if you wait too long, water can seep in and create roof leaks. And unfortunately, unchecked roof leaks can lead to mold growth. Another thing to consider is seasonality – in mid-August, at the height of summer, your damaged roof can weaken due to the sun’s UV rays which will make any exposed spot become weak and brittle. 

Signs of a potential hail damaged roof according to Owens Corning:

  • If you witnessed dents on your cars or other items on your house or in your yard.
  • If you see indentations in your shingle where granules are missing.
  • If you noticed a distinct pattern of small round-shaped divots on the edges of your shingles.
  • If you saw a large pile of granules at the end of your downspout. 

The signs of damage can be hard to spot to the untrained eye, especially if you are examining your roof from the ground. It’s essential to hire a professional who can conduct a proper hail damage inspection. 

Did you know we offer free roof inspections?

If you live in Cedarburg, Jackson, Grafton, or the surrounding areas, there is a good chance you have a hail damaged roof from past storms. Please don’t wait until repairs become too costly. Schedule your free roof inspection today with a HAAG certified company. And remember, we are still contact-free and practicing social distancing. 

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