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Top 3 Reasons To Get DaVinci Roofscapes: Composite Cedar Shake & Slate Roofing Guide

Thinking about getting DaVinci Roofscapes for your home?

When it comes to your house, nothing is more important than the roofing system over your head. This is particularly true if you live in a climate with harsh weather.  

Insufficient roofing may lead to leaks and/or hazardous structural damage if it’s left unchecked for an extended time. The last thing you want to deal with during a brutal storm season is a roof that is unable to protect you and your loved ones from the elements.

The answer? A beautiful, new Davinci Roofscapes roof. We’ve taken the time to carefully curate three reasons why you should get Davinci installed on your home as soon as possible.

Custom Residential Roof with Composite Slate Shingles
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Benefits of DaVinci Roofscapes

1.Added curb appeal

DaVinci Roofscapes provides the most slate and wood shake alternative options in the market. Natural slate roofing has limited available colors, while Composite slates just look too artificial from the curb. DaVinci Roofscapes, on the other hand, has many color options, and it is pleasing to the eye. Likewise, wood shakes have several options for roofing in Wisconsin and Illinois: choose from symmetrical single-width shakes, multi-width shake, and more.

Composite slate

2.Little ongoing maintenance

Depending on the environment that you live in, natural cedar shake and cedar shake shingles tend to be challenging to maintain. DaVinci Roofscapes slate and wood shakes are made from top-notch polymer composites, which perfectly imitates the look of slate and wood shakes: it resists sun, gale-force winds, and large hailstones. This means that homeowners that get a DaVinci roof installed are less likely to see algae or moss on the roof over a period of time.

Black Composite Slate Roofing
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What makes DaVinci the number one choice for roofing contractors in the Midwest? DaVinci roofing offers significant benefits compared to other composite products. DaVinci slate roofing tends to cost less than traditional slate, and their shake options are typically on par with the price of traditional cedar shake. Sure, there is a larger upfront cost when compared to asphalt shingles, but when you consider the added durability and longevity of a Davinci roof, it should be an easy decision.

When compared to other Composite slate and cedar shake manufacturers, very few, if any, can beat the design and quality of a DaVinci Roof. Their products provide the durability and hand-split appearance of slate and cedar shake roofs, along with resistance to impact, color stability, and a 50-year warranty when installed by a DaVinci Masterpiece installer like DuraShield!

stunning DaVinci Composite Slate roof

Making the Right Decision for Your Home

Picking the best roofing material for your home is not easy, and there are many factors that will contribute to your decision. If you are looking for a durable material that will protect your home for a minimum of 50 years, the Composite solutions by DaVinci Roofscapes is a great option.

Once you find the right material for your home, you then need to find a quality roofing contractor like Durashield to get the job done right. For more information on DaVinci Roofscapes and what their products can offer your home, give us a call at (855) 387-2744 or fill out our online contact form.

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