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Roof Warranty Guide: Everything You Need To Know In 2022

Every homeowner has a roof over their head, and some might even have a firm understanding of how their roof works after partnering with a knowledgeable and professional roofing contractor. However, one thing many homeowners don’t truly know the ins and outs of is their roof warranty itself. But we want to change that. This

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How Long Does It Take To Replace a Roof? (2022 Update)

So you woke up after a particularly stormy night to find your property riddled with torn-off roof shingles and blown-over debris. Or maybe your old roof is starting to show signs of wear, such as moss and algae growth or higher energy bills from losing heat and cool air through your attic. Whatever the situation

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What Are Impact Resistant Shingles: Homeowners Guide to Class 4 Shingles

Your home’s roofing system must be built with extreme durability and strength to protect you from the outside elements or an unexpected storm. Anything from one heavy wind gust or a short-lived hail storm to fallen tree limbs, downed wires and power lines, or blown debris can have a significant impact on your roof’s structural

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DaVinci Roof Installation: Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Are you thinking about installing new roofing tiles on your home? Don’t just think about it, do it!— And when you’re doing it, don’t forget to check out the product lines at DaVinci Roofscapes, where you can get the look of natural slate roof tiles and cedar shake shingles for a fraction of the cost

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How to Repair Metal Roof Damage: Punctures, Leaks, & More

More and more these days, metal roof systems are starting to pop up in neighborhoods around the country. While asphalt roofs are still all the rage, installing metal roofing is something many homeowners are starting to consider due to their highly durable and aesthetically pleasing designs. Even with high levels of durability, you don’t know

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How to Roof a House: A Homeowners Guide for 2022

Roofing a home sounds like an intense undertaking, regardless of your experience level. But if you’re a handy homeowner (or a roofing specialist), a residential roof replacement might sound like something you can handle. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this handy homeowners guide on how to roof a

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How Long Does a Metal Roof Last: Homeowners Guide for 2022

Back in the day, you’d basically only see asphalt shingles or cedar wood shakes on the houses in your neighborhood. I mean, seriously, nearly everyone used to choose those old roofing materials for their homes and businesses. Your existing roof is probably even made from them! But these days, the variety of roofing options seems

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10 Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Just a hop, skip and jump from historic Madison, Wisconsin, lies a hidden gem city brimming with some of the most delectable dishes, exciting cuisines, creative cocktails, and too-pretty-to-eat desserts: Milwaukee. Aside from incredible eats at some of the best restaurants in Milwaukee, this long-standing lakeside city also offers: Bike-friendly streets 🚲 Walkable sidewalks 🚶🏻‍♂️

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Roof Replacement Cost: Homeowners Cost Guide for 2022

Calculating roof replacement cost is not as easy as it might sound.  There are many factors that go into calculating a roof replacement cost like material, size, and complexity of your roof. But to provide a general range, the national average roof replacement cost in America is around $8,000. However, the range of a new

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Key Differences Between Standing Seam vs. Exposed Fastener

Metal roofing is on the rise! And with it comes a lot of perplexed homeowners wondering how to incorporate metal roofing in their modern homes. Well, we can first narrow it down to two main types of metal roofing: Standing seam Exposed fastener While standing seam and exposed fastener roofs function relatively the same and

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aerial view of madison wisconsin

The Unique History Of Madison, Wisconsin [Timeline]

Right in the middle of South-Central Wisconsin lies the beautiful town of Madison. If you’re a college football fan, you probably know that the infamous Bucky Badger mascot’s home is at The University of Wisconsin-Madison— Go Badgers! You might also know that Madison is also the state’s capital and is showcased by its gigantic domed

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