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slate roof installation what is slate

10 Things to Know Before Getting a Slate Roof Installation

Few things are as overwhelming for a homeowner as a roof replacement. Roof replacements are expensive projects that can affect the next decade or two of your home. It’s not a decision you want to enter lightly. Homeowners have to consider: Budget limitations 💸 Climate conditions ⛈️ ROI 💲 Curb appeal 🏡 Beyond that, there

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How Much Does a Tile Roof Cost? Averages and Cost Factors

Sometimes, life is about function. You know what we mean. You buy the bargain brand chips because they are a good deal, or you wear the ugly sneakers for the arch support. Other times, it is about fun. You paint your walls hot pink just because you can or splurge on the fancier gadget cause

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5 Things To Avoid During Your Cedar Shake Roof Installation

Is there anything more beautiful than a roof with wood shakes? This roofing style has stood the test of time, and with good reasons. A wood shake roof adds: Instant charm ✨ A rustic aesthetic 🪵 Excellent durability 💪 As one of the most popular types of wooden roofs available, consider cedar shingles i looking

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how long does a slate roof last side of roof

How Long Does a Slate Roof Last: Average Life & More

Is your roof in need of an upgrade? There are lots of materials you can choose from, including: Asphalt shingles Metal Clay tiles Cedar shakes But if you are looking for a roofing option that will combine timeless beauty with unbeatable durability? Slate roof tiles are what you have been looking for. Slate roofing has

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commercial roofing systems outside of store

5 Commercial Roofing Systems for Your Business

As the owner of a commercial property, we know that you’ve got a lot on your plate. Commercial buildings often have a lot of traffic, which means that there can be a lot of wear and tear for you to manage on a daily basis. And with many people often using your building’s space, you

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flat roof repair workers repairing roof

Ultimate Commercial Flat Roof Repair Guide For 2023

You’re going about your day, answering emails, and enjoying your morning coffee. Then, your phone starts to ring. It’s one of your employees letting you know that the roof is leaking again. It’s a scenario many commercial property owners find themselves in at one point or another. Leaky ceilings or other signs of water damage

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commercial roof cost per square foot orange roofer

Average Commercial Roof Cost per Square Foot in 2023

As a business owner, you know that it is your responsibility to keep your business running smoothly. That includes the commercial buildings you work from. With so much on your plate each day, it can be easy to forget to check the state of your existing roof. A commercial roof replacement is different than a

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flat roof materials rolls of roofing

What Are the Best Flat Roof Materials? (Pros and Cons)

Is it almost time for a roof replacement? If you are the owner of a commercial building, chances are that that building comes with a flat roof. A flat roof is very different than the roofs most of us have on our residential homes. As such, they require a different technology, one that you may

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davinci roof cost asphalt shingles

Davinci Roof Cost Guide (2023 Update)

So, it’s time to replace your home’s roof. As you start your research, it’s likely that you have a list of things you want from your new roof system. You want shingles that are long-lasting and durable 💪 You want a roofing material that won’t break the bank 💸 You want a roof replacement that

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cedar shake roof cost

Cedar Shake Roof Cost: What to Expect in 2023

When you’re in the market for a roof upgrade, you probably consider a new asphalt shingle roof or maybe a trendy metal roof, but have you ever considered a cedar shake roof? The cedar shake roof cost is comparable to both premium options but with a ton of added benefits, including: Long-lasting material Beautiful rustic

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composite shingles

10 Benefits of Composite Shingles (Pros & Cons)

You’re likely already familiar with asphalt shingles since they’re one of the most commonly found roofing materials across America. However, composite shingles are also taking the front seat as a favorite alternative to traditional asphalt shingles for many homeowners. That’s mainly due to the many great composite shingle benefits, including: Durability Affordability Longevity Versatility Efficiency

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roofing contractors madison wi

5 Best Roofing Contractors In Madison, WI

Getting your roof replaced is stressful enough by itself, but when you factor in the responsibility of finding a roofing contractor you can trust, your apprehension can increase tenfold. That’s because you have to consider a wide range of qualities and characteristics before you can truly find a qualified roofer who provides quality work. A

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